14 de February de 2018


P2O, considering the need of the industry in Ceará, quantified the mineral reserve being able to meet any existing demand for this raw material.

The mining project of extraction and processing of limestone is developed in the open. O desmonte do material é feito mediante uso de explosivos e o beneficiamento é feito através de britagem de rocha desmontada. A produção atual é de 40 mil toneladas/ano.

The mine is located in Cantagalo, district and municipality of Acarape, State of Ceará. This municipality is located in the micro-region of Baturité, in the north of Ceará. A distância de Fortaleza é de 65 km e a distância da mina até o Porto do Pecém é de aproximadamente 96 km.


The Exploration

The extraction and processing of limestone, besides generating more employment and income for the population around the mine, increases the development of the region's trade with the circulation of financial resources that will occur with the increase of mine exploitation, improving the quality of life of the population of the community.

P2O is constantly evaluating the adverse impacts generated in the physical, biological and socio-economic environment, as well as the neutralization or minimization of these, through the reduction of noise levels and the emission of gasses / dust in respect of the local population.


We expect to produce 80,000 t/year of ore. Considering that the mine's reserves were measured at 60 million tons, we will have a useful life of 750 years.

Area of Law of exploitation - 340 hectars
Stone composition Dolomitic limestone - high magnesium content and exceptional whiteness.


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